It’s already gone. My junior was no more than a blink of an eye. I could tell you things about the beginning of the year that feel like they happened yesterday.

Time seems like it went by so fast when you turn around to look at the past. Knowing you can only look but never go back is hard. I don’t like to live with regrets, but there are certainly things that I would do differently. I would have studied harder for that one test, I would have curled the next weight up, I would have given someone a hug just because, I would have said thank you to the people who deserved it most and I would have stood up for myself when I needed it most. Time goes by so fast but the one thing I now I can do now is look back on those memories and make sure I cherish and learn from them.

I can only walk forward on this path that I am on and looking into my senior year I am more scared than ever. What am I going to do with my life? How am I going to leave the people I have spent my last four years with? What is life like without the pine cone curtain? These are all things I have to figure out. But, if I take it one step at a time, day by day, I know that I will be lead to the place I am supposed to be. Whitworth has taught me that.

Before I walk off that campus for the last time next year I want to say I studied as hard as I could have for that test, I want to say I curled as much weight as the guy next to me, I will give someone that hug for no reason, I will tell everyone I love thank you and I will stand up for what I want and who I am.

Goodbye junior year, it truly has been a blast.



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