Social media connects people, helps them to communicate and to talk faster than e-mail. Social networking is available to everyone with an internet connection and according to, 66% of online adult users participate in social networks. The research also shows that women are more likely than men to use social networking sites except for LinkedIn.

Other interesting numbers include the average Myspace user is under 39 and Facebook 38 while Twitter’s average user age is 33.

Why is this important?

This is important because it tells organizations how to communicate with their community. Without figuring out where your constituents are spending their time, there is no way for a organization to effectively connect with them. Knowing where to target your audience is the first step to reaching the people you want to talk to.

Even though one of the main reasons people say they used internet in this research was to stay in touch with family and friends, people still use it to connect with people with similar hobbies or to read up on public figures.

Maintaining the social ties is just one way organizations can have a closer connection with the people supporting or doing business with them.


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