I understand that Facebook is supposed to be a profile about who you are. Some people like to update their every thought or action and some people are constantly sharing memes. When people are posting multiple updates or memes every single day, it becomes annoying, but my peeve is the “picture-of-myself-everyday” trend.

Not everyone is guilty of this crime, but the ones who are make it obvious. You know it’s bad when they have photo albums of pictures they have taken of themselves. Not to mention the fact that under the picture it usually says, “New hair do!!! :)” or “Soooooo bored!” or how about this one, “Got my tan on”. Don’t worry, we noticed with your three other pictures you took of yourself the past two days.

Not to mention those who do this with their significant other as well. Photo albums strictly titled to fit their relationship and solely made up of pictures of kissing and holding hands is a little bit too much. This is about the time I want to block you from my news feed, permanently.

Why do people insist that this is a good idea?

Sure, use your Facebook to express yourself however you want. That is what it is there for right? But, are people just becoming more self centered by posting about themselves all of the time? I mean, just exactly how much time are they  really spending on Facebook in order to make up all of the albums and post updates more than once a day. I am not saying that I am innocent of spending time on Facebook either, I admit it’s pathetically addicting. I also make sure to spend time reading the newspaper instead of reading Facebook’s news feed. I also prefer talking to someone face-to-face and not just through chat or messaging on someones wall.

I fear that some people will resort to hiding behind their social networking profiles and completely miss out on what is happening in front of them. Why sit there and chat with someone online if you have the opportunity to grab a coffee with them instead? Why sit their and take a bunch of pictures of yourself with your webcam in your room to bulk up your photo albums when there is so much going on outside your walls. I think people need to take a step away from their computer, enjoy the little things in life, and give the flash on your camera a break for awhile.


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