What exactly is Valentine’s Day?

Roses, fancy dinners and chocolates are popular ways to show affection for a significant other. It is almost like everyone tries harder to be more affectionate on Valentine’s Day just because it has a special name. Aisles get dedicated to this day and you can walk down a section to see the word “love” stitched onto cute stuffed animals and enough red boxed candy to make your stomach ache just by looking at it. 

Are we supposed to need an excuse to show someone how much we care about them?

We shouldn’t have to use February 14 as the only day we put a little extra effort into our relationships.  What is the point in taking one day out of the year to try harder if we don’t take the time to celebrate our relationships on a regular basis? I’ve never been in love, I couldn’t really say I truly understand what the word means when it comes to a significant other, but what I do know is that I see people take each other for granted every day. Valentine’s Day should not have to be a reminder that you are married or that you have someone else in your life that cares about you. If you truly care about someone Valentine’s Day should just be like any other day. Celebrate Valentine’s Day, but don’t make it the one day out of the year you show someone you care.


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